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Afrobeats: music’s next big thing – Davido Interview – The Sunday Times - August 2019

Sho Madjozi’s Mixed Up, Pan-African Rap - The New York Times - August 2019

Sam Fender: “I don’t want to cling onto the ‘class hero’ thing” - Observer New Review - August 2019

Mark Ronson interview: ‘Self-deprecation can seem like a false character trait to make you endearing’ - The Independent - June 2019

Fat White Family Is Trying To Start A Rebellion, Messily - The New York Times - May 2019

Idles interview – the Bristol punks playing their their strength and sensitivity – Sunday Times Culture – March 2019

'This cuts across society': how singeli music went from Tanzania to the world - The Guardian - December 2018

Nyege Nyege Festival: an African electronic utopia at the source of the River Nile - reports in
Mixmag (November 2018) and The Wire (December 2018)

Rosalía: The Pop Star Bringing Flamenco to a New Generation - New York Times - November 2018

A Sweaty Night Out in London’s New Jazz Scene - New York Times - October 2018

Johnny Borrell doesn't care what you think about Razorlight. Or does he? - The Independent - October 2018

Nadine Shah interview - Observer New Review - September 2018

‘Son of Immigrants, Black and Gay’: A D.J. Breaks Barriers in France - New York Times - August 2018

Nídia Is Bringing the Sound of Lisbon’s Ghettos to the World - The New York Times - June 2018

Kamasi Washington, figurehead of the new jazz revival - Observer New Review - June 2018

Diablo Cody on Tully – and the Juno backlash - G2 Film & Music - May 2018

The British jazz explosion: meet the musicians rewriting the rulebook - Observer New Review - April 2018

Diplo in Pakistan: 'Being a white America, you have zero cultural capital' - G2 Film & Film - March 2018

Mike Skinner: The World On The Street - Mr Porter's Journal - February 2018

Holly Blakey: the dance punk who turned Coldplay into disco chimps - The Guardian - July 2017

Boy Better Know cover story - The Guardian - June 2017

Making sounds with Suzanne Ciani, America's first female synth hero - The Guardian - May 2017

Noga Erez: ‘I get told by people not to talk about what is happening in Israel’ - Observer New Review - May 2017

James Van Der Beek: 'I lived in fear of teenage girls' - The Guardian - May 2017

Master blaster: the woman making Björk, Aphex Twin and Eno sound so good - Mandy Parnell interview - The Guardian - February 2017

Remembering Trash: the London club night that defined the rock'n'rave era - The Guardian - January 2017

Meet J Balvin, Latin America's answer to Drake and Kanye - The Guardian - November 2016

Idris Elba: 'As an actor I’m always reading someone else’s thoughts. What about my own thoughts?' - The Guide - December 2015

Lightning-fast pianist Lubomyr Melnyk: 'When I play I turn into an eagle flying' - The Guardian - November 2015

Benga: 'Nobody wants to come clean, let alone an artist' - The Guide - October 2015

Last dance: how London's after-hours clubbing scene finally faded out - The Guardian - October 2015

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: 'I can't tell what I'm supposed to keep private now' - The Guardian - June 2015

Bahidorá and the rise of Mexican music festivals: paradise but with more hipsters - The Guardian - March 2015

Arca: ‘Nothing is off limits emotionally’ - The Guide - October 2014

DJ Sprinkles: ‘Music is the least interesting thing about clubs’ - The Guide - October 2014

DJ Harvey: 'Good artists borrow, great artists steal' - The Guide - July 2014

Evian Christ: from teacher training to Kanye West's inner circle - The Guide - March 2014

Kelis: from dance diva to soul queen and qualified cook - The Guide - March 2014

3rdEyeGirl on Prince, ping pong and women in music who 'treat their bodies like meat' - The Guardian - September 2014

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